Why I want to learn English!

Lucas is 15 years old and will go to the European Section of the Lycée in Wissembourg in September. There, Physics will be taught in English, Sports in German and the rest in French. To prepare himself, he is taking private lessons to boost his (already very good) English. Here, he writes his “lettre de motivation”.

I would like to do a second European section because languages interest me and I want to improve. I can communicate with people from other countries, and this interests me. We are lucky to have Germany next door, so German is important, and English is an international language, so it is also important.

I would also like to do a European section because I think it is an advantage for my future studies. The pandemic shows that scientists working together and speaking in English can solve problems quickly. I would like to work in research and in physics because maybe I will discover new things.  Part of the physics is in English, so it is very important to know English. English and German are also important in my personal life. If I know English, I will be ready for the future.

I know that in the European section the level is higher and that it is necessary to work harder but I am motivated, and I intend to give myself the means to succeed.