Vintage 1920 Corona 3 Folding Manual Typewriter with Case

Text read by Mary Peters

Mint Condition

We are selling the Vintage Corona 3 Folding Manual Typewriter. It is very clean, professionally restored and looks incredible.
It is in a great condition and works perfectly with 10 pitch and comes with case and cleaning kit. Produced in 1920, made in USA.

Bring this ad and get a FREE NEW ribbon with your purchase.

We offer the following:
– 90 Days Warranty on Parts and Labors
– We have all types of New Ribbons
– Ask for Correction Ribbons
– Ask for Brown, Blue, Green or Black/Red Ribbons

Our multi-talented technicians have over 30 years of experience in service, repair and restore vintage typewriters including Underwood, Olivetti, Royal, Olympia, Adler and Smith Corona. We bring them to life in a great working condition.

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