Text read by Mary Peters

Guy’s wine corner:  this time, an unusual white wine.

This is the story of a winemaker from the southwest, Emmanuel Poirmeur, who takes the winemaking codes against the grain.

He is the first French winemaker to mature his wine in an underwater immersion. The wine is stored in tanks, submerged 15 meters deep in the Bay of St. Jean de Luz.

The wines are fermented and beaten naturally by the Atlantic waves and storms. All without adding sulphite.

His first Chardonnay vines were planted between the ocean and mountains in 2009. Then, in 2011 he rehabilitated an old disused building from the 18th century and converted it into his winemaking cellars in Socoa, near the French village of Ciboure, located in the Pyrénnées- Atlantiques department, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

His label EGIATEGIA means “the workshop of truths”.

Everything was born from a strong conviction. Emmanuel Poirmeur wants to create from a blank page and with the freedom of the pioneers of the new wine world. This is the first exploitation on the Basque Coast on the French side.

His motto is to try to offer wines that challenge and stop time.  Then, to allow that ephemeral moment where emotions, sensations, reflections, memories occur.

He produces red, rosé and white wines.

To taste it, what better than at the “Place de l’Apéro”, in Cleebourg, with our friend Frank.