The Grapevine 05/21

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Carolina in Wissembourg loves tea and launches a mini avalanche! Who could have guessed.

Monica in Dublin donates some of her valuable time. Thank you!

Niki contributes to the general discussion, and extends an invitation.

Even a Tea Advent Calendar gets recycled for the Brida Supermarket

Testing, Testing, Testing

Michael, our man in Melbourne.
(The only male contributor this week)

Monica, in Adelaide, Australia about life in general.

Niki, a woman who is on a mission!!!

Michèle & Jean-Yves continue giving me swimming lessons.

Mary’s mother goes for her vaccination

Mary says “When you want to get something done, ask a busy woman!” – Emilie in England on the Journal’s cheese project.

This week’s behind the scenes. (With a rare emoji from me.)