Thank you!

Text read by Frank Peters
Anabelle N.Henri M.Olivier B.
Annie K.IreneOlga (Russia)
Angélique R.Karen D.Roger K.
Adrienne K.Joerg A. (Germany)Steven R. (Tanzania)
Anny D.Julia H. (Germany)Saif R. (Pakistan)
Bernard B.Kayvan T. (Iran / France)Sania (Pakistan)
Carolina (Portugal /France)Laurence D.Teodoro N (Mexico)
ChristianLevent (Turkey)Valérie  W.
Chahira (Algeria)Michèle M. Yvonne
Cynthia C.Mirna (Syria) 
Dalida B.Marie-José  W. 
Dominic R. (Germany)Marwa  
Emilie (United Kingdom)Martine N. 
Eliane,Michael W. (Australia) 
FabienneMonica R. (Ireland) 
Fabrice Monique B. 
Geneviève L. Nafisa (Somalia / Malaysia) 
Geneviève H.Nathalie C   
Guy L.Nathalie M  
Guy G. Niki R. (Azerbaijan) 

All of you in this list have contributed a text or an article to the Brida Journal in 2020.

My heart felt thank you goes out to you because you have made the Brida Journal what it is today. Without your help, dedication, support and all your contributions, none of this would have happened. Especially in this challenging year.

Thank you also to those, who willingly worked with me during our English classes, who continued to support everything when the storms raged all around us. Your loyalty has been fantastic.

An incredibly special thank you to my wife, Mary, for checking my spelling, commenting on my mistakes and, most importantly, for doing all the audio files.

Some of you have unwittingly, provided some highlights during the last year:

To Guy G. who, when Mary and I visited him and his wife last summer, showed me the pile of Brida Journal’s he had faithfully printed out every week. They were under the coffee table, about 30cm high.

To Monique & Bernard who kept this project afloat with all the Crémant we drank.

Thank you to Michèle, who wrote to me, as our second lock down started, “The Brida Journal must continue”.

To Monica in Dublin, for trusting a total stranger with an obscure project, who read her online advertisement and in the process paved the way this project can work next year.

To Emilie, in England, for believing in this project whilst still trying to understand it.  

To Julia, in Germany, for paying for all the ice-cream and drinks when we met. The waiter in the café told us, they don’t accept debit cards and I had, as usual, no cash with me.

To Steven, in Tanzania, who regularly enquires how the project is going and who always has a word of encouragement.

To Geneviève L. who has the stamina to embark on the tremendous journey that is our Tour de France.

To all of you: It has been an incredible experience, lots of fun and I look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2021.