Sweet Dreams

Text read by Frank Peters

How did you sleep last night?

How fresh your bed is can affect how well you sleep, says Hayley Worley, who is co-founder of the The Sheet Society, in Melbourne, Australia.

She says, we should change our bedding once a fortnight. If that is not possible, then at least the pillowcases should be washed fortnightly.

During the winter months, the best way to look after your bedding is to wash everything on a cool or warm washing cycle and then put them into the tumble dryer. Dry them until they are about 80% dry. Give them a good shake and then let them hang inside or outside to air, depending on the weather.  

We all know how going to sleep in fresh linen is such a good feeling. That should be motivation to change your linen regularly.

When we say good night to each other, we often say “don’t let the bed bugs bite”.

There is a reason for that, because during our slumber time, we shed make-up, dead skin cells, bacteria and fungi and all these can build up. Dust mites move in to share your bed with you and they bring with them allergies, asthma, and other discomforts.

The best linen is made from cotton. So, storing the bedding is also important, so that it has a chance to breath. Do not store them in plastic containers, instead, a shelf or in a basket.

Sleep well and sweet dreams.