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  • Studio €175
  • 1Bedroom/ 1Bathroom Kitchen and Living Room €195 up to 56m²
  • 2 Bed / 1Bathroom Kitchen and Living Room €210 up to 70 m²
  • 3 Bed / 2Bathrooms Kitchen and Living Room €240 up to 84m²
  • 4 Bed / 2Bathroom Kitchen and Living Room €265 up to 102m²
  • 5 Bed / 2Bathroom Kitchen Living & Family Room €285 up to 120m²
  • 3 Bed / 3Bathroom Kitchen Living & Family Room €275 up to 140m²
  • 4 Bed / 2Bathroom Kitchen Living & Family Room €295 up to 150m²
  • 4 Bed / 3Bathroom Kitchen Living & Family Room €310 up to 162m²

(House in Average condition / Completely empty)

FREE blinds dusting * FREE patio door clean inside and outside * FREE lite clean inside appliances

With more than 29 years of experience. We have reasonable prices and provide high-quality services. We will fulfil customer demand and customized our services to best adapt our customer’s needs always providing high quality services to ensure your satisfaction.

We are committed to providing the quality, care and consideration of each service. Choosing us, is to choose better service, more favourable prices, your satisfaction is our common wish.

If you aren’t home during a cleaning, we will safeguard your key. All of our team members go through extensive background checks so that you can have peace of mind when opening your home to our team. We value the trust that you place in us.

Service items Move out or Move in Cleaning:


Clean all Cabinets inside and outside
Clean all exterior Appliances
Lite clean appliances inside ( free )
Removal Cobwebs
Clean Top of the stove
Clean Hood range and filters
Clean Counter top and back splash
Dust light fixtures
Sweep and mop floors  


Bathroom: Mirrors and Glass
Built-in Shelving and Cabinets. (Cleaned & and Polished)
Fixtures (dusted)
Sink (Sanitized & Disinfected)
Tub / Shower (Sanitized & Disinfected). Soap Scum (Removed)
Toilet (Sanitized & Disinfected)
Baseboards, Doors / Door Frame, Window sills and (Dusted)
Walls (dusted) Cobwebs (removed)
Floors (Swept and mop)  

( Bedrooms * Living Room * Hallways * Stair way )

Dusting walls
Dusting Venetian Blinds ( lite dusting free )
Remove cobwebs
Dust window sills
Dust baseboards
Dust closet shelves
Dust door & window Frames
Vacuum closet door tracks
Spot clean door and walls
Clean light switches
Dust light fixtures
Sweep and Mop floors
Vacuum Carpet
Clean Laundry Appliances exterior and interior
Sweep Garage (lite sweeping) free


Weekly House Cleaning

* Bi-weekly
* Once every 4 weeks
* Once a month
* After parties
Initial Cleaning
* Spring cleaning
* Deep Cleaning * Professional Window Cleaning
* Steam Carpet Cleaning
* Upholstery Cleaning * Business and offices, cleaning

Special discounts to new customers and double discount for repeat customers : )

We Absolutely Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or we do it again no questions asked.