Ride on Santa’s Sleigh this Christmas Season

Text read by Mary Peters

Brida Pedicab has transformed into Santa’s Sleigh for the holiday season! We are looking for enthusiastic passengers to bring some holiday cheer to 2020 in a COVID safe way.

I’ve had many fun family rides so far this season! A plastic shield is installed in between driver and passengers for COVID safety. Hand sanitizer is available on board, and I wipe down the pedicab between rides. Masks required for both driver and passengers.

I can fit 4 adults in Santa’s Sleigh, and more than 4 people if some are kids. If we have a larger group, I’m happy to schedule a second, third, or fourth bike for the ride.

Book a ride today for some of our seasonal ride specials, VIP services, or ask about creating a custom ride for you and yours:

VIP options:

Santa’s Sleigh Personal Xmas Gift Delivery – We’ll make a special delivery of xmas packages to your gift recipients. Just throw the packages in the sleigh (trailer) and let’s go Rudolph!

Violin Serenade – Want a little extra during your pedicab ride? Select the violin serenade option and your driver will stop during the ride and play a mini concert for you and yours!

Sponsored free rides – Hire us to give free rides to your group of people / event / area in the community and we’ll ride around giving people free rides sponsored by you / your business. If you have a business or advertising, I can place that on the bike during this time. Passengers will be informed of who / what company is paying for the rides.

Send me a message or email to book a ride or send questions.

Phone 07.xx.65.14.24
Brida Pedicab @ brida.eu

Have a great day and stay safe.