Fabrice, from France describes a winter tradition in Eastern France. The Alsatian Amateur Theatre world and what it really means for local culture.

I would like to describe a great activity which I have been practising for a few years.

The Alsatian theatre is one of the most interesting and one of the most creative forms of expressing our local culture.  

Influenced by the German and the French theatre, it has its own roots, its specific references, its language, expressions and also his unique humour.

It takes an interest at all aspects of the society. It can be funny, satirical or tragic.  It gives an overview about the “Alsatian soul” with a exchange between the French and German cultures.

The subjects are often topical but are mainly treated in a humorous way.

Mostly during winter, they are many of little theatre groups in the cities and towns of our region.

The majority consists of volunteers. Some years ago, I had the chance to play a couple of times with the local troupe of my village. It was a fantastic experience. We are a team of many generations with one goal: the preservation of our identity, our language and culture!

We had good times together and everyone was delighted. Each actor was very generous, and we had an unforgettable and unique ambience!

I had an amazing time and felt accepted even though I was one of the youngest.

Everyone, without exception, was happy and we felt good after providing a lot of pleasure to our audience.

Our manager decided to take a break after our last season, but we are all looking forward to getting back up on stage.

  The Alsatian theatre must unfortunately cope with the decline of our local dialect.

This is a tradition and the current generation must absolutely defend and conserve it.

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