Pinball Machine Refurbishment

Make your pinball machine look and play like new.

Professional quality work by a retired Electronics Engineer at reasonable prices. I charge by the project, not hourly, because I will spend whatever time is needed to get the very best result.

I work on both early electro-mechanical machines and newer solid-state models. I have worked on well over 200 games of all types from the 1950s to present day models. This includes over 30 play field swaps, 20 cabinets painted with stencils and 20 applications of cabinet decals.

Services include but are not limited to:

PLAY FIELD SWAPS–Remove parts from an existing play field and install them on a new one. Clean and test all switches and lamp sockets. New parts can be installed as needed. Repaint wood parts. Polish hardware.

PLAY FIELD HARD-TOP–This is a type of overlay that will make your play field look like new. Available for a number of older games. Far less expensive than a new play field!

CABINET REPAIR, REPAINTING, APPLYING DECALS–Repair damaged wood parts of the cabinet. Repaint cabinet with original design (if stencils are available) using professional spray equipment, not aerosol cans or apply new decals. Restore, and repaint (or powder coat) coin doors.

ELECTRONICS–Clean or replace intermittent connectors and IC sockets. Repair battery leakage damage. Repair damaged lamp and solenoid drivers. Repair or replace damaged wiring. Clean and adjust relay and switch contacts on E-M machines.

GENERAL TUNE-UP–Adjust all switches, pop bumpers, and ball handling mechanisms. Replace rubber parts. Replace lamps. Clean play field and metal parts. Flatten warped plastics. Repair or replace intermittent lamp sockets. Minor paint touch-up.

As part of the restoration or clean up I have the equipment to sandblast, ultrasonically clean, tumble polish, powder coat (small parts), and spray paint.

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