Origami with Kayvan

Kayvan explains his passion for folding paper and how you too can learn to make interesting things.  

I was introduced to origami through the construction of a simple plane and a small paper boat by my parents and my brother when I was very young.  But for almost two to three years now, my studies in origami have been continuing in a very serious and professional way.

At the beginning of 2020, when, due to Corona, I had to stay home for about four months, I had fun with paper, and the animals I made were very funny and entertaining. I decided to turn “work” into a hobby. It is nice to share this with my friends on YouTube and Instagram.

The challenge with origami, for me, is that you test yourself and that you do this by hand, using only a sheet of paper. You can make interesting and strange shapes. You can make these shapes look very simple or very complex and difficult.

I decided to set up a channel on YouTube, with animals that are very simple to make, folding paper, step by step. After 10 or 15 to maybe 20 very simple animals, my friends will have gained more experience. They will have learned and realised why you fold a sheet of paper in a certain way. They understand the specific purpose of each sheet of paper.

I used to do this more for fun. But it can be used for other reasons. For example, at an occasion with my son’s friends. I made a bird and fox origami for 30 people in the class and gave the lamb to his friend. Maybe one day they will ask their teacher to teach the rest of the children how to make animal origami.

To my friends who watch my videos, I suggest watching my work several times and to go slowly and become more competent so that they can learn folding in the necessary order. As we move forward, it becomes more and more difficult. You can improve.

After 3 months of work, you can look back and see that what you did in the first few weeks and that it was very easy. You can easily do it yourself without looking on the internet and are ready to do a much more difficult figure.

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