In September, Sylvie told her English group, she had nothing to write about. By coincidence, she posted some pictures of the jewellery she creates in the Global English Classroom group on Facebook. We discovered she has a lot to write about and for us to admire. Here is her story.

I live in a little village in Alsace, it is in north-eastern France.

I usually make a lot of things as a hobby. I had an incredible grandmother. She was very patient with me and taught me a lot of things. I learnt knitting …..  I think she passed me down her creativity. Ever since I must make everything with my hands. I have passion for DIY. 

I’m a very creative person, I have usually a lot of projects in mind. My passion is a little bit more as a hobby, but it isn’t my job.  I would say this passion fill my evenings, sometime 2 or 3 hours per day.

At first, I created jewelry only for myself or my family, but more and more people liked it. So, a few years ago, I decided to create my one-man-band. Now, I can participate on creator market or other exhibitions.

I’ve set up little workshop in my husband’s office. I have an area to create. Music is very important for me. I usually listen to music when I create.

I use different technics, brick stitch, peyote or weaving loom. I learnt all these technics by myself. I bought a lot of books or watched videos on You Tube. Brick stitch and peyote are technics with thread and needle. All these technics are very old, they were used by Amerindian civilization, or South American civilizations but you can also find them in Africa.

I use MIYUKI pearls, these are very little glass pearls, which come from Japan.  A bag of pearls, weighing 10g contains about 2000 pearls. I use these pearls because they are very regular with a lot of colors. I buy them on the internet.  I buy practically all what I use to make my jewels on the internet because there are no shops in my country. But I’m very careful about their origin.  For example, the hooks for the earrings are only in silver. The other supports are without nickel, because lot of people is allergic.

I make rings, earrings, bracelets. Necklaces only to order, because they are a little expansive. My prices are 10 € a ring, from 25€ to 45 € bracelets. I prefer to create earrings. All my work is unique. For the figurative models, I follow a diagram, I have a program on my computer to make them. But for the abstract model, I begin with a first idea, and finish with another.

I have also a shop online on a French marketplace “Un grand Marché”, you can visit my shop
You can find me on Facebook

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