Vespa – Speaking


Lesson Attachments

Exercise 1

A member of your family is celebrating a milestone birthday and you want to give that person a Vespa as a very special present. You have seen the advertisement and you want to see what they have and can do for you. Ring and leave a message. Say:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Explain the situation.
  3. Ask any questions you think are important.
  4. Leave your (imaginary) phone number
  5. They should call you back.
  6. Say goodbye.

Exercise 2

You have received the above phone call. Ring back and leave a message. Say.

  1. Introduce yourself as the company and your name.
  2. Say something positive about the message.
  3. Answer any of the questions.
  4. Suggest that the person comes by to have a look. Suggest some dates and times.
  5. Say something positive about seeing them soon.
  6. Say goodbye.

Exercise 3

You have received the reply. Ring back to make the appointment. Say:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Make a reference to the previous phone calls.
  3. Confirm the appointment.
  4. Say a positive sentence about the meeting.
  5. Say goodbye.

Do the above activities using the VoiceApp below.