Apéro – Speaking


Lesson Attachments

Speaking Exercise 1


To whetthe flow of bilepeople who were in great health
The word comes fromhelp the digestiondrinking was a good idea
a Latin-based wordThe medicines usedThe strong taste was deliberate
which meanscureYou were not getting drunk
Four basic substancesThese were flavoured witha tradition was established
Four basic substancesStrong tasting herbsTo “whet” means to sharpen tools
To get well againOver timewhetstone
to restore the balancebitterness was reduced It was first used in
if you had no appetiteMade tastiera play
with something bitterby adding more alcoholwritten by

Speaking Exercise 2

You have invited some friends for an Apéro. You need some ingredients. Phone your husband / wife / partner to stop off at a supermarket and buy what your need. Say:

  • Say a greeting and use a term of endearment (love, darling)
  • Explain what is happening.
  • Read the shopping list.
  • Say to ring back if necessary.
  • Say goodbye.

Speaking Exercise 3

You have received a phone call from your wife / husband / partner. You have some questions. Say:

  • Say a greeting and use a term of endearment.
  • Explain the “problem”.
  • Offer a possible solution.
  • Ask to ring back.
  • Say goodbye.

Do the above activities using the VoiceApp below.