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18.20 Crossword

Look at the picture to find the answers

Read the text below for the words missing in the crossword.

We are (10 down) the city of Bangalore. Bangalore is (8 down) India. The traffic is (14 across) the trees. The green vehicle is (3 across) the cyclist. The man with the blue shirt is in (11 across) of the cyclist. The cyclist is (3 down) the green vehicle and the man with the blue shirt. The cyclist with the yellow shirt is cycling (7 across) work.

(5 down) the left is another man with a blue shirt. He has brown trousers (12 down). There are fruit and vegetables (15 across) the cart. The man is buying food (11 down) the vendor.

Scooters are driving in the (1 down) of the road. (6 down) India, traffic drives on the left. (13 down) the left is a building with a red sign. It is (4 across) the grey and brown building.

The yellow vehicle (17 across) the left is parked (18 across) the curb. There are many people (2 down) the street. (16 down) to the shop is another shop. It is (9 across) the tree and another shop.

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