Holidays & Teepee Parties

Text read by Mary Peters

Monique and Bernard did the course on Teepees.
Here you can read the results of their work.

We and our children have happy memories of a summer holiday in Italy.  We visited Sardinia and took a boat to Bonifacio on Corsica. There, our daughter surprised me for my 60th birthday by visiting us. We did not expect this. Together for the rest of the holiday, we explored Corsica and Sardinia. It was a very good birthday present.

My childhood was different to a childhood of today. Today, children sit in front of the computer, inside their houses, even when the weather outside is beautiful. Sometimes, in my time, parents organised an excursion to a swimming pool or a zoo, a castle or to visit a town or city. This was very special. Sundays, we went to Church and then visited the family.

The summer holidays for our children are too long. We must keep them busy. After 5 weeks, only the parents look forward to the end of the holidays.

I am sure, today’s children only react positively to my own childhood experiences when I spend all the time outside with them. But they would not be happy without a phone or a TV.

Therefore, a Teepee party is a good idea, because it is fun and not a traditional topic. Girls can have a fairy tale theme with many lights and boys can have a cowboy and (American) Indian theme.

Our daughter probably would not like a luxury Teepee party (she is too old) but our granddaughter would love one. She is a young girl. It is something unusual, she can invite her girlfriends to have lots of fun. A Teepee party is much better when there are many children together.

We can order and organise everything via the internet. You can find the names of companies who organise such things. You can see their pictures and get ideas. The advertisement gives a fairy tale atmosphere. They use many lights and magic décor.  Perhaps there is a shop, where you can buy or rent Teepees. We can erect them in our granddaughter’s room. We can buy many fairy lights and decorations and organise snacks for the children to eat and of course, music.

Everything would be a secret from our granddaughter.

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