Fashion revisited

Text read by Mary Peters

Monica’s Balloon Dresses raised some interesting questions, which she was kind to answer.

Ingolf, from Bad Sassendorf in Germany had a question.

Is the balloon dress warm or cold when you wear it?

Monica responded:

Ingolf, the answer to your question is this one: usually the balloons have the temperature of the room but as one wears the balloon dress, the balloons take the body temperature. However, if it is a dress with a low cleavage and outside is cold, one should have a piece of fabric to match the dress or not if it’s worn inside. The balloons keep you warm. I wore one and the feeling was between fabric and leather. I hope this answered your question. Please feel free to ask any question regarding the balloons. Thank you.

Michèle from Merkwiller, France, in an email to me, wrote the following:

The article from Monica in Dublin amused me a lot! Imagine, the dress balloons burst during the dance! Scandal 😊 !!!

Monica’s response:

Balloons, balloons 🎈 

I am happy to see that other people are having the same questions as I once had.

Usually everyone is a little afraid of balloons: afraid to blow them too much or to manipulate them in order to turn them into other fragile objects. You should see people’s faces when I twist balloons 🎈 for parties. The immediate question is: how can you do that? You make it look so easy to twist…

Well, it’s all about practice.

The magic is in the material: LATEX. It is durable and fragile at the same time. Secret ingredients are passion and skills.

A dress made for a party is using double stuffed balloons which is harder to manipulate but more durable. You can dance away and the chances to burst a balloon or a bubble are slim. However, if it happens to have a balloon popped, the dress won’t deflate. Only the outer balloon will, or a segment of the dress. Of course, it could be fixed in minutes, easier than the fabric. 

Also, one could sit on the dress if the design is suitable. E.g: my “Cinderella” dress is not suitable for sitting on because of the round balloons 🎈that it’s made of.

The purpose of having a balloon dress is to feel fabulous, special, unique, like being on a catwalk, being photographed and having all eyes on you. How special is that?

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