Exhibition “The Sea” at the Musée Lalique, Wingen

Thank you to Jean-Yves Ragot for sharing this information.

The “Harthouse Centre” is just outside Haguenau and is a social establishment that helps adolescents and adults who are mentally disabled. These people suffer from psychological disorders or from autism. There is a multidisciplinary team that supports them.

The disabled people of the Harthouse Centre were invited to express themselves artistically on the theme of “The Sea”, in connection with the works of René LALIQUE on this theme.

The various creations (canvases, ceramics, various objects, etc.) were made by the adults and are now on display at the Maison Picasso (the cultural and technical space of this public medical-social establishment) in order to enhance the value of their work.

Entry to this exhibition is included in the entry price of the Musée Lalique. Please ensure you have your Health Pass with you.