English at your Fingertips

Text read by Mary Peters

A new, time saving, service for you to improve your English skills.

WhatsApp groups are already well known. We all use them. What I decided to do, which should be fun and also very engaging is to use the Brida Journal and combine it with WhatsApp.

Very often I hear “I am very busy” or “I have no time” and I also hear “I want to improve my English”.  This is a contradiction because learning takes time. So, how could I solve this?

My conversations with Emilie in England had reminded me how to make life easy for one’s customers.

The Brida Journal database has almost two hundred texts on a wide range of quite different subjects. It also continuously grows. Why have a database if you can’t actively use it? That is when I decided to combine the database with WhatsApp and help people improve their communication.

English at your fingertips. Every day, as a member of the “Welcome to Brida” Group you receive a little friendly prompt. Something from the database and an exercise. Then, you can spend a few minutes, usually not more than 5 or 10, doing a micro-exercise. And, just by accident, you start communicating with other members of the group.

In the first week, Julie in Mannheim placed a late order with the Brida Supermarket because Tuesday is her cleaning day. I thought it would be nice to have everyone around for dinner. I would do the main course. Julie offered to bring a salad, Monique and Bernard, in Seebach, a cheese platter with a bottle of Bordeaux, Monica in Dublin a cheesecake and a bottle of Irish Whiskey and Niki in Baku was going to bring some baked apples.  

When Property John offered a holiday rental on the Emerald Isle, it really engaged Monica to share pictures of her new home country and we got chatting about Ireland’s highest pub. And when we went to Seebach the next day, Monique shared a video for others to comment on. 

In the beginning, people asked me, “Is this real?”.  It is virtual reality. It is about using technology in a human and fun way to help people improve their English in a pleasant and uncomplicated way, whenever they want.

If you are a paying subscriber to the Brida Project, why not join in the conversation? I guarantee you will improve your English.