Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Part 1)

Text read by Mary Peters

Remember that Song? People share their thoughts about these words. Especially in a time of turmoil.

We mourn for the past and worry about the future.  

We live in a complex world. Our days are very full, and we measure joy in productivity. We run from task A to task B. The more we do or have, the happier we are. Even if we have a house, over time we have to buy a castle to stay happier. More and more.

In our hectic routines we lose a lot of the instantaneous. We do too much at once, we are everywhere and nowhere. We mourn for the past and worry about the future. We believe that we have to do and possess a lot. Only then can we, perhaps, find happiness.

But we cannot find anything that already belongs to us. I believe we come into this world to lead a happy life.

Many of us categorise everything in “positive” or “negative”. If we do not have the “positive” then it is “negative”. “Negative” is bad. But why? I think that we should live in peace with both worlds. We care for our body but often neglect our thoughts and emotions.

I was surprised in Sri Lanka earlier this year, just before lockdown. Most of the population does not own much, but they are very friendly, happy and radiate positivity. They live and enjoy every moment along with all the simple things we here in Europe take for granted.

Even if we experience “negative” situations, we must remember that we already have the solution and if not, worries do not help. Even if it is very cloudy, the sun is still shining.

Wissembourg, France

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