Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Part 2)

Text read by Mary Peters

Worrying can be a motivation

I am worried about many things. The scope ranges from personal things to the state of our planet.

To be worried is actually not a bad thing. Maybe you want to change something. Worrying can be a motivation; however, there are things you cannot change, then worrying is not effective. But if you can change something, worrying is effective.

Let me take climate change as an example.

I am worried by the fact perhaps that there will be a point of no return in the development of our climate. Everything is ok at the moment, but if we do not change, then the planet will no longer be able to heal itself.

I changed a few things. I reduced the amount of waste I produce, eat very little meat, I don’t have a car and don’t plan to use a car. I reduced the chemicals used to clean the flat, recycled more and I buy second-hand clothes using a smartphone app.

Am I happier? Difficult, because I am still worried about climate change. But I try to do what I can. Politicians should be more aware. But you can vote according to your conscious. You can personally change your lifestyle.

Climate change is a difficult example because your personal influence is limited. It is a global problem.

But look at it this way.

You worry, you change, then you are happy. If you do not like change? You continue worrying and remain unhappy. To be happy, you need to change, so that you do not worry.
Is this true?
You have to change the right thing. You have to know what to change.
Why worry about something that I cannot influence?

Mannheim, Germany.

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