Creativity is Infinite

Cynthia Colombo, from Cleebourg, made a video and spoke with Frank Peters

I have been singing since I was a child and am a professional since 2005. I sing at different events and I accompany singers in the development of their voice. I started to sing as a little girl in my room. That was a way to get away from reality. Since then, I have worked a lot to do what I love, today.

For me, anyone can sing. As soon as the person is motivated and wants to develop his voice. Anything is possible. Often, we no longer sing, because children would have been told phrases like “Shut up, you sing wrong”.

Music is an integral part of my life today. Singing is sharing with an audience, sharing with people. The virtues of a song are so huge.  A world without music is really hard to imagine.   Music is what actually brings people together, and which simply gives hope. 

If you like to do something from the bottom of your soul, from the bottom of your being, anything is possible. I am fortunate to have a super husband, who supports me in everything I do and I also have my dad, who is retired, who takes over when my husband is in activity.

During the confinement, I created a virtual choir and I chose the song “Stand by me” because for me it is clearly represented with this, we will to be able to fight again. It’s like saying to the other, “stay with me, be with me. You don’t care what can happen, let’s be together.”

I am working on a new long-term project which will be to offer online lessons to learn to sing.

On Sunday, July 05, I have the pleasure of co-hosting with Pascal Papillion, a workshop entitled “Chant et Yoga”. It is a combination between the two disciplines, the concept is to relax and to find your inner being, to connect the vibrations and the voice with your body. Simply do yourself good.

The next cover will be released on July 16 and it was filmed in February of this year.  It is “Dance Monkey Song” by Tones & I, in a piano, acoustic version and mix and arranged in my way.