The Common Good


Welcome to the course: The Common Good. This course is designed for level C2 upwards.

The world is a fast-changing place and perhaps the way we live is no longer suited for the needs of humans. In this course, we explore an economic alternative.  

In this course you will:

Work independently and receive support from Frank Peters by doing the following activities:

  1. Translate 30 economic model related words & expressions into your own language
  2. Answer 10 questions related to the article.
  3. This course will evolve with the contributions of future participants.


  4. Watch some videos about this different economic model.
  5. You can download the lesson outline to do offline.

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Introduction

    • 1 The Common Good – Reading
  • 02 Interactive

    • 2 The Common Good – Vocabulary
    • 3 The Common Good – Writing
    • 4 The Common Good – Comments
  • 03 Extra Stuff

    • 5 The Common Good – Watching
    • 6 The Common Good – External Links