Welcome to the course: “Ireland”. This course is designed for level B2 upwards.

Property John has a holiday rental on his books. Would you like to go to Ireland?       

In this course you will:

  1. Translate 15 words describing a specific item and its uses.
  2. Answer 10 questions about the advertisement.
  3. Answer 4 question on what you know about Ireland.  
  4. You are interested going to Ireland and stay in the cottages. You ring Property John.
  5. Everything is ok, but some emails have to be written.
  6. You are going with another couple, and want to plan some activities. You send a WhatsApp.
  7. Contribute to any discussions with other people who have done this course.


  8. Watch some videos about Graiguenamanagh.
  9. Visit some websites of the town and area.
  10. You can download the lesson outline to do offline.
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Level: B2-B1