House – Brida South

Welcome to the course: “House: Brida South”. This course is designed for level B1 upwards.

Property John has a rather interesting house on his books here. The question is, do you like it? What would you do with it if you bought it? Shall I ring the bank for you?  

In this course you will:

Work independently and receive support from Frank Peters by doing the following activities:

  1. Translate 11 property advertisement / house description words into your language.
  2. Describe several pictures to a friend or dream how you would redecorate the house.
  3. Leave a voice mail message with a friend who should accompany you when you view the house.
  4. Write to a WhatsApp to Property John because you are not quite sure.
  5. Contribute to a discussion by reading and writing any comments left by other participants.


  6. You can download the lesson outline to do offline.
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Level: B2-B1