Dog Walker


Welcome to the course: “Dogwalker”. This course is designed for level B1 upwards.

A dog walking business is looking for dog walkers. What are the requirements? It’s quite a lot when you read about it. Are you interested?

In this course you will:

  1. Translate 28 dog and work-related words & expressions into your own language
  2. Answer 12 questions related to the advertisement topics.
  3. You are interested in the job but have some questions.
  4. The company leaves a voice message to arrange to meet you for an interview. 
  5. An idea begins to form in your head. Somebody in your family might be interested in doing this too. Ring them.
  6. You decide to send a WhatsApp to a friend and explain that perhaps both of you can set up your own dog walking business. And he replies with his opinion.
  7. Contribute to a discussion by reading and writing any comments left by other participants.

  1. Watch several videos about how best to walk dogs.
  2. Read any comments left by other participants and reply to them.
  3. You can download the lesson frame to do offline.

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Interactive

    • 1 Dog Walker – Vocabulary
    • 2 Dog Walker – Writing
    • 3 Dog Walker – Speaking
    • 4 Dog Walker – WhatsApp
  • 02 Extra Stuff

    • 5 Dog Walker – Watching