Dental Hygienist

Welcome to the course: “Dental Hygienist”. This course is designed for level B2-B1 upwards.

What do dental hygienists do? And what do you say to a dentist? Take a bite here.

In this course you will:

Work independently and receive support from Frank Peters by doing the following activities:

  1. Translate 20 words related to a dental practice into your own language
  2. Answer 10 questions related to the advertisement.
  3. You would like to do the job. Send an email.
  4. Imagine you are new to Brida and are looking for a dentist. Phone or send a WhatsApp.
  5. Contribute to a discussion by reading and writing any comments left by other participants.

  6. There are some videos to watch about working in a dental Practice.
  7. There are some external links with what to say at a dentist
  8. You can download the lesson outline to do offline.
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Level: B2-B1