Here is a list of people who have contributed to the Brida Journal since September 2019.

NameCountryArticle (Click to read)
AnonymousAnonymousHousehusbands wanted
AnnabelleFranceHow safe is what you eat?
Bernard & MoniqueFranceWelcome to Seebach
My Childhood
Holidays & Teepee Parties
The South of France Revisited
Cheese 1 (Questions to Emilie)
My Education
Carolina Portugal / FranceGoing home for a holiday
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Wisdom can be found by travelling
Be Curious and follow your instincts
Great Expectations
Fancy a cuppa?
Education: When I went to school.
Cynthia FranceCreativity is infinte
DominicGermanyMy Mannheim
I write software
EmilieFrance / UKA new home in England
Cheese 1 (Questions from Monique & Bernard)
More Cheese (Questions from Julia)
Geneviève L.FranceTour de France 1: Nice
Tour de France 2; Sisteron
Tour de France 3: Orcières
Tour de France 4: Privas
Tour de France 5: The Bridge with a town
Tour de France 6: The Pyrennees
Tour de France 7: Pau & Béarn
Tour de France 8: Charente Maritime 1
Tour de France 8: Charente Maritime 2
Tour de France 8; Charente Maritime 3
Tour de France 9: Poitiers
Tour de France 10: Clermont Ferrand
Tour de France 11: Lyon
Guy L.FranceGlobal Warming
My Childhood
HenriFranceThe French South West
Jean-YvesFranceBlowing in the Wind 1
JoergGermanyRococo en Minature
JuliaGermanyDon’t Worry, Be Happy
Strangers in the Night
Giving Instructions
More Cheese (With Emilie in England)
KayvanIran / FranceIntroducing Iran
My childhood & education in Iran
We are millionaires in Iran
The Damavand Peak
My Tehran
Origami with Kayvan
KlausGermanyEducation – My school
LeventTurkeyCome to Hatay
On Being a Young Father
Marie-JoséeFranceOil in France
MichèleFranceMy Childhood
A beautiful hike near La Hoube
Stories & Impresions
MirnaSyriaChristmas in Safita
A poem
Michael W.Australia
Monica R. IrelandHave Ubuntu and be Hakuna Matata
Fashion Revisited
Hmmm Tea!
Niki RAzerbaijanBaku Colours your Derams 1
Baku Colours your Dreams 2
Why are Non Native Speakers weak in English?
My Childhood
OlivierFranceFrom Serris
Four days in Saumur
Postcard from Chamrousse
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Lessons from Questions
Pascal & ValérieFranceA Trip to Italy
Road Trip
Steven R.TanzaniaProgress
Saving is Life
Karudeca Update
Saif R.PakistanEnglish in Schools
Are we all human?
Lockdown in Pakistan
When will the end be well?
Sylvie S.FranceOn creativity and beauty
Sylvie M. FranceEducation: When I went to school.
ThiernoSenegalSurprising Dakar
TheodoroMexicoGuacamole & the Superbowl
Having a real coffee.
VincentFranceWhat if?
You?Your country?Your contribution?
FrankBridaWould you?
Summertime is Picnic Time
The Aperitif
Clothes made from Coffee
Groasis Growboxx
A future towards the common good, but how?
Alpine Goat
Why People Farm
Bit Nippy, Isn’t it?
Guidebook for Hobos
Indulging yourself
The Unkown Soldier
Brexit English 1
Swimming in Music