Cherry Pickers

Text read by Mary Peters

We are currently seeking Cherry Picker/Hi-Lo Operators in the Brida area. You will work as order pickers, selectors or in the Dry/Cold/ Freezer departments. You will be required to assist in the preparation, movement, loading/unloading, and fulfilling orders for delivery. Responsibility also extends to housing all products within a large warehouse.


  •  Loading, unloading, shipping and receiving warehouse items
  •  Safe and Proficient use of Cherry Picker/Hi-Lo machine in dry/cold/ freezer warehouse
  •  Transporting materials to different locations within the facility
  •  Optimizing loads to ensure operational efficiency
  •  Securing loads to a machine before transportation
  •  Inspecting for damages to vehicles
  •  Operating and managing technical equipment
  •  Managing inventory by utilizing scanning equipment
  •  Picking and wrapping orders for shipment
  •  Identifying workplace safety hazards
  •  Adhering to safety management standards
  •  Adhering to production schedules.

  •  Able to communicate in Spanish 
  •  Must be able to work PM Shift (6 PM to 4 AM)
  •  Able to stand for a long time
  •  Ability to perform twisting, turning, and bending
  •  Ability to lift a minimum of 20 kilos
  •  Comfortable and able to work 8 to 12-hour shifts (hours depending on business need)
  •  Must be comfortable in warehouse/production environment
  •  Basic reading and maths skills
  •  Detail Oriented
  •  Ability to work in climate from 32 to 38 degrees

Please contact the Brida Job Centre. 

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