Cherry Pickers Revisited

Text read by Mary Peters

The Job Advertisement in the Brida Journal 22/2021 prompted Niki in Azerbaijan to comment.

The physical abilities and working conditions required to hire a cherry picker are very high, but you did not talk about salary*.

In my area, cherry pickers are seasonal workers. They just pick the cherries and prepare them for transport. People who work in the factory have a permanent job and their work is very different from cherry pickers.

We pick cherries by hand here, not with machines. Picking cherries by hand is very hard work, so most of the time cherries will stay on the tree. Workers want higher wages to pick cherries, but the farmers refuse to pay them.

We make a very tasty dish, called Cherry Pilaf, with sour cherries, chicken and rice that is served at formal and special parties. We include a variety of dried fruits (apricots, raisins, sliced almonds and pistachios) in the rice. These are common to special Turkish dishes and are known as “Ottoman Dishes”.

*I never mention salaries in the Brida Job Adverts. I focus on the descriptions, qualifications and terminology used. Frank