A beautiful hike near La Hoube

Today I went on a very nice hike that I want to describe to you. Between Lorraine and Alsace, on the ridges of the Northern Vosges, this hike offers views of the Lorraine plateau and the Alsace plains. I recommend it to you! The starting point is near La Hoube. If you come from Dabo, […]

Loire Living

The Kings Path. Walk the Royal Château route, hiking via the green Sologne Forest, to the famous Touraine Vineyards, a route enabling you to enjoy the richness of the Loire. An easy to moderate walk in one of the most beautiful parts of France. DAY 1: BLOIS. Discover the town with its handsome streets and […]

Paris 20ème

Belleville’s narrow streets, ateliers, and garden passages remind us of the neighbourhood’s rural and working-class roots. Belleville was once a wine-making village well outside the city walls. It became known in the 18th century for its countryside guinguettes, where Parisians would come on Sundays to relax and drink a lot of tax-free wine. When it was annexed to […]

4 Days in Saumur

Olivier, from Paris, and newly retired since August 2019 has decided to travel! Last week I spent four days in the region of Saumur with friends whom I haven’t seen for many years. The town is located in the west centre of France between Tours and Angers, in the region of the Chateaux de la […]

Hiking in the Alsace & beyond

Françoise, from France, leaves the hustle and bustle of town life and walks, and walks, and…. I would like to tell you about the very beautiful landscape around Wissembourg where we can walk for days in luxuriant forest, discover and visit beautiful fortified castles and climb imposing and high rocks of pink sandstone. Wissembourg is […]