A beautiful hike near La Hoube

Today I went on a very nice hike that I want to describe to you. Between Lorraine and Alsace, on the ridges of the Northern Vosges, this hike offers views of the Lorraine plateau and the Alsace plains. I recommend it to you! The starting point is near La Hoube. If you come from Dabo, […]

Rococo en Minature

Joerg visits a curious exhibition in Germany. Joerg, and his wife, drove from Mannheim to the town of Rudolstadt in the German state of Thuringia last week whilst on holidays. There, they discovered a unique exhibition which you can find in the Thuringian State Museum. (All Covid-19 restrictions were lifted in Thuringia, meaning that life […]

Loire Living

The Kings Path. Walk the Royal Château route, hiking via the green Sologne Forest, to the famous Touraine Vineyards, a route enabling you to enjoy the richness of the Loire. An easy to moderate walk in one of the most beautiful parts of France. DAY 1: BLOIS. Discover the town with its handsome streets and […]

Paris 20ème

Belleville’s narrow streets, ateliers, and garden passages remind us of the neighbourhood’s rural and working-class roots. Belleville was once a wine-making village well outside the city walls. It became known in the 18th century for its countryside guinguettes, where Parisians would come on Sundays to relax and drink a lot of tax-free wine. When it was annexed to […]

4 Days in Saumur

Olivier, from Paris, and newly retired since August 2019 has decided to travel! Last week I spent four days in the region of Saumur with friends whom I haven’t seen for many years. The town is located in the west centre of France between Tours and Angers, in the region of the Chateaux de la […]