English in Schools

Saif ur Rehman currently teaches English at the FG Public School Boys in Kharian Cantt, in Pakistan. He is also currently preparing to become the headmaster of a school. In his article, he explains how a bi-lingual education system might not prove to be so beneficial after all. Ubiquitous English in our education system, as […]

A week in October, by Pascal & Valérie

The story behind the story:  Pascal and Valérie started a course with me last January and came to class as regular as clockwork, once a week. They spent the time between classes working on the exercises I had given them. Their first goal was to prepare themselves for a trip to Canada, which they undertook […]

Café Chat

What really makes us happy? Have you ever thought about fruitful times? Life is full of events and adventures. We are busy with our daily activities, both directly and indirectly. Sometimes, we are so busy that we forget ourselves. In other words, we lose happiness or the enjoyment in our life. Some successful people believe […]

Why are non-native students weak in the English language?

In her second article for the Brida Journal, Niki from Baku in Azerbaijan, ponders over English lessons in schools. Niki is a member of the Global English Classroom. Why are non-native students weak in the English language? I have taught English as a second language for over 12 years. In this article, I would like […]