Kéylaville Gossip

Text read by Mary Peters

Kélya is a 12-year-old girl who comes to me for some private lessons during the school holidays. In October, we created these two delightful stories in her imaginary town, Kélyaville.

Halloween in Kélyaville.

Every year, Kélya and the best friends, together with Mrs Maeva, organise the Halloween Party.

It is a fantastic party. The weather is warm, the atmosphere is fun. There are many large bonfires on the beach. There is always a big party on the beach.

This year, Frank’s ice cream shop has a new pumpkin flavour ice cream. Its colour is orange, and it is delicious. 

Everybody has to wear a Halloween costume. It is obligatory.

Noémi’s Clothes Shop sells all the Halloween Costumes. People wear clothes for witches, pumpkins, skeleton clothes, Harry Potter clothes and Wolf clothes.

This year, the best friends are wearing the following clothes.

Kélya wears a vampire costume with special teeth and fake blood.

Aude wears a Harry Potter costume.

Axelle wears a pumpkin costume.

Noémie wears a skeleton costume.

Maeva wears a vampire costume, also with special teeth and fake blood.

Frank wears a different costume. It is a coffee ice-cream costume.

All the children go trick or treating. The adults give them sweets and ice cream in many different flavours.

At the Chez Grandparents restaurant, you can eat Magic Couscous. When you eat the couscous, it always comes back to your plate. The recipe is a big secret, and only Kélya and the Grandparents know it. But the magic stops at midnight when the sweets arrive.

The Beach Party starts at 6 pm and finishes at 5 am. DJ David Guetta plays all the great music.

At 9 pm, everybody goes on a giant sweet hunt. Kélya hides all the sweets in the whole village. People still find Halloween bonbons later in the next year.

Exactly one minute after midnight, a large plane drops the bonbons on the sand. People dance around a mountain of sweets. All the children are happy. And the adults too. They like the bonbons even more than the children.

Then, Frank comes with more ice cream on a pumpkin carriage and gives all the ice cream to the people.

Some people go to the cinema and watch a marathon of horror films.

But one place is very different. At the Pretty’s Hotel, everything is normal. There is no magic. The hotel has no empty rooms.

The Kélyaville Christmas Market

This is the Christmas Market in Kélyaville. It starts on the 10th of December and finishes on the 25th of December.

The Christmas market is located next to the Cleebourg River. Kélya’s & Maeva’s hut is next to Kélya’s house.

You can buy couscous at the Chez Grandparents Hut, and Frank has gingerbread flavoured ice cream. It is a new recipe! It is delicious.

It is winter, and it is cold. Many people visit the market because there are many Christmas huts this year. Mrs Maeva and Kélya are selling Christmas decorations in the first hut. 

This is another view of Kélya’s and Maeva’s Christmas Hut.

But who is on the roof? The first is Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer, in the middle is Mr I Don’t Know and on the right is Mr Teddy Bear. Rudolf lives in Kéylaville, he likes it here. He is retired, but he still loves the Christmas spirit.

Mr I Don’t Know is a mystery. He does not know where he lives. He does not know how old he is, and he does not know his name. What does Mr I Don’t Know, know? Well, he knows nothing.

Mr Teddy Bear is handsome. He lives in the North Pole, but he is on holiday in Kélyaville. He is staying at the Pretty’s Hotel. 

Kélya and Maeva are selling these snowmen. They are wearing red scarves and red woolly hats. The first one has a carrot nose, the second and third have a shirt button nose. All the snowmen have arms made of wood. They are small.

The one on the left is wearing pinecones. The first is called Frank, the second is called Jacques, and the third is called Michèle.  You can buy Jacques and Frank for 20€ and Michèle for 15€. Michèle is smaller than Frank & Jacques.

This is Mr Nutcracker. He is a tall, handsome nutcracker with blue eyes who is wearing a smart uniform. Under his tall hat is long, curly hair. There are a big moustache and a short beard around his mouth. Do you like him? You can buy him for only 100€.

You can find the giant Christmas Tree in Kélyaville in the middle of the bridge. The tree is blue and yellow. Many people always stop and look at the Christmas Tree. They like it because it has many decorations and lights. You can watch the children singing Christmas carols. 

Underwater Wine

Text read by Mary Peters

Guy’s wine corner:  this time, an unusual white wine.

This is the story of a winemaker from the southwest, Emmanuel Poirmeur, who takes the winemaking codes against the grain.

He is the first French winemaker to mature his wine in an underwater immersion. The wine is stored in tanks, submerged 15 meters deep in the Bay of St. Jean de Luz.

The wines are fermented and beaten naturally by the Atlantic waves and storms. All without adding sulphite.

His first Chardonnay vines were planted between the ocean and mountains in 2009. Then, in 2011 he rehabilitated an old disused building from the 18th century and converted it into his winemaking cellars in Socoa, near the French village of Ciboure, located in the Pyrénnées- Atlantiques department, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

His label EGIATEGIA means “the workshop of truths”.

Everything was born from a strong conviction. Emmanuel Poirmeur wants to create from a blank page and with the freedom of the pioneers of the new wine world. This is the first exploitation on the Basque Coast on the French side.

His motto is to try to offer wines that challenge and stop time.  Then, to allow that ephemeral moment where emotions, sensations, reflections, memories occur.

He produces red, rosé and white wines.

To taste it, what better than at the “Place de l’Apéro”, in Cleebourg, with our friend Frank.

About Sports

Text read by Mary Peters

Lucas (15) did some research on sports and then wrote this article. He did everything in English.

In the Lascaux caves in France, you can see paintings showing sports activities. They are about 15,000 years old. Archaeologists also discovered paintings depicting sports scenes in a cave in the Bayankhongor Province of Mongolia.  In Wadi Sura in Egypt, there are paintings of swimmers in a cave. They are about 10,000 years old. Sports started with the skills of hunters. As people learnt to farm, they did not need to hunt. To stay active, hunters, competed with each other. That is the creation of sports.

Sports is good for health because it relaxes, it makes you feel good. It also gives a lot of energy. It also makes people feel happy and allows them to sleep well.  Sport brings the world together with the Olympics, for example. The Olympics is a competition where people from around the world came to compete for their country. In my text, I will show you the positive points of sports.


Sport helps to lose weight. My English teacher needs to lose weight. Sport burns fat and makes muscles.  The more muscular people are, the more the body needs energy. Later, people lose weight when energy causes the body to burn fat during physical exertion. I think that everybody should do sports because it is vital for our health.

Sports can improve your mood. When I do not have a good day, I do sport to calm down. I run, or I cycle in my village or the forest.  A bad day for me is when I have a conflict with my friend. I feel frustrated, angry. I go out for one hour, and then I feel better.

Sports can improve your concentration. After sports, I do my homework better because I concentrate more. Or when I have a lot of it, I take a break for one hour, and I do sports. I do the same when I’m stressed.

Sports for confidence. Sports improves my confidence because, in the beginning, I run slowly and with time, my performance goes up, and my confidence also increases.

That is the reason why sports are good.


Sports brings the world together with international competition. The Olympics or the football world cup are such examples. People from a country compete against a country to win. People represent their country. People go to another city or another country to encourage their team. They get an impression of the city or the country they are visiting. I went to Strasbourg to watch a football match, and this was impressive. And sport also battles racism. I think that doing sport helps to work as a group because it finds that sport can bring everyone together. The benefits of sport are cohesion, and it also allows you to let off steam and therefore calm down.

Different sports.

At home.

We can do a lot of sports at home with machines. The advantage to doing sports at home is the proximity, and we can do sports when we want. My family and I have four trainers, an exercise bike, an abdomen trainer, weights lifters and a running machine. I use this one time per week and my parents 3 or 4 times per week.

At school

In my school, we have 3 hours of sport per week. We do a lot of things such as badminton, football, basketball, or volleyball. We do sport with the classes. The teacher explains the rules, and we play. We have two grades per term.

Science and Sports.

In sports, we do a lot of research to improve performance or to improve health. It serves to increase the knowledge about our bodies.

About football

Football is a game where two teams of 11 players play against each other. The goal is to score as many goals as possible and to have scored more than the opponent. I like the team spirit in football.  I do not like the players who fake it.  I think the most popular sport is football. The most popular sport in my country is also football. My favourite athlete is Kylian Mbappé because he plays football well.

Sports and me.

I do not do club sport, but I do a lot of cycling. The sport I would like to try is badminton. I do not think there is one sport that is better than another because it depends on the person. The sports I do not like are dancing and gymnastics. I am not flexible enough, and I cannot do them.


Sport is vital for our health and our society. There are many different types of sports.  Football and basketball are good examples. We can do sports anywhere, at home or outside. Sports can improve mood, health, and concentration.

Why I want to learn English!

Lucas is 15 years old and will go to the European Section of the Lycée in Wissembourg in September. There, Physics will be taught in English, Sports in German and the rest in French. To prepare himself, he is taking private lessons to boost his (already very good) English. Here, he writes his “lettre de motivation”.

I would like to do a second European section because languages interest me and I want to improve. I can communicate with people from other countries, and this interests me. We are lucky to have Germany next door, so German is important, and English is an international language, so it is also important.

I would also like to do a European section because I think it is an advantage for my future studies. The pandemic shows that scientists working together and speaking in English can solve problems quickly. I would like to work in research and in physics because maybe I will discover new things.  Part of the physics is in English, so it is very important to know English. English and German are also important in my personal life. If I know English, I will be ready for the future.

I know that in the European section the level is higher and that it is necessary to work harder but I am motivated, and I intend to give myself the means to succeed.

Building a “Cabane”

Text read by Mary Peters

Lucas is 15 years old and has embarked on a truly impressive project.

The hut is in a secret location in a forest near Brida. The hut was built by me and my friends aged 13 to 14. We started building the hut almost 3 years ago. We built the hut to be together and to have fun.

To build the cabin we used wood from the ground and tools like saws and hammers. To fix the wood together we used screws and nails. We are the only ones who use the hut and sometimes our parents. In the hut we have fun, and we create new things to make it bigger. For example, last weekend we created a swing that hangs from a tree above the hut and a launching ramp. This is all our idea.

We made our first treehouse when I was 7 years old, but it was destroyed. So, a friend’s father said we could make it in his forest. To create the hut, we didn’t make a plan, we just made it fit.

We are a group of ten. To build something new we all decide together. We quickly agree because we often have the same thing in mind. We go to the hut at weekends and on Wednesdays when there are no classes. During the holidays we go almost every day.

The hardest part to build was the hut itself because we were smaller, we were between ten and eleven years old at the beginning, and because it is the biggest part. The easiest part to build was the 4-meter tower.

For the future, we have the idea to make a zip-line and to continue the footbridges in the air. Thanks to this hut I learned to build things and to work in groups.

When you have the idea of doing something don’t give up because you might miss out on something really good. Our parents say that we have done something very good and that we have had a good idea. They said we must not give up on the idea.

Later on, I hope my children will also have the idea of doing something like this and I will encourage them because thanks to the hut we have created a very solid group of friends.