Bye-bye 2020. Hello 2021

Text read by Mary Peters

As we learned this year, you can make plans. And then you have to cancel them.

So, with lots of caution, let me lift the curtain a little on the plans for the Journal next year. These are the first ideas that some of you have been sending to me or I have been discussing with others. I know other people will still send in their suggestions.

From Steven in Tanzania comes a suggestion about “quality education” and youth unemployment. While he sees it from an African perspective, it is something that concerns us all.

The future is the dominant theme for many people I have spoken to. How will we shape the world and our lives after the pandemic? For me personally, trust, respect and civility are at the top of the agenda. It somehow seemed lacking as this year progressed. As one person told me, “How can I help future humanity?”

On a lighter side, there are rumours about Mr Cuddles and his exciting adventures. Cheese and tea will be explored in greater detail. Also in the early planning stages are some contributions on music.

For those who live closer and work with me, I offer you the chance to advise me on my vegetable plot. For several reasons, I neglected my garden somewhat for the last 2 years. Plants, gardens, landscaping, and maximising 50 m² without spending too much money will be a recurring theme of next year.

Some people I hope to include in the Brida Community should be able to advise us on health topics and decorating ideas.

No doubt, as the year progresses more ideas and themes will emerge.

This is the last issue for 2020. The next issue will be published on January 10, 2021. See you then.