Building a “Cabane”

Text read by Mary Peters

Lucas is 15 years old and has embarked on a truly impressive project.

The hut is in a secret location in a forest near Brida. The hut was built by me and my friends aged 13 to 14. We started building the hut almost 3 years ago. We built the hut to be together and to have fun.

To build the cabin we used wood from the ground and tools like saws and hammers. To fix the wood together we used screws and nails. We are the only ones who use the hut and sometimes our parents. In the hut we have fun, and we create new things to make it bigger. For example, last weekend we created a swing that hangs from a tree above the hut and a launching ramp. This is all our idea.

We made our first treehouse when I was 7 years old, but it was destroyed. So, a friend’s father said we could make it in his forest. To create the hut, we didn’t make a plan, we just made it fit.

We are a group of ten. To build something new we all decide together. We quickly agree because we often have the same thing in mind. We go to the hut at weekends and on Wednesdays when there are no classes. During the holidays we go almost every day.

The hardest part to build was the hut itself because we were smaller, we were between ten and eleven years old at the beginning, and because it is the biggest part. The easiest part to build was the 4-meter tower.

For the future, we have the idea to make a zip-line and to continue the footbridges in the air. Thanks to this hut I learned to build things and to work in groups.

When you have the idea of doing something don’t give up because you might miss out on something really good. Our parents say that we have done something very good and that we have had a good idea. They said we must not give up on the idea.

Later on, I hope my children will also have the idea of doing something like this and I will encourage them because thanks to the hut we have created a very solid group of friends.