A week in October, by Pascal & Valérie

The story behind the story:  Pascal and Valérie started a course with me last January and came to class as regular as clockwork, once a week. They spent the time between classes working on the exercises I had given them. Their first goal was to prepare themselves for a trip to Canada, which they undertook in July & August. In September, they decided to continue their course with me. It was a pleasant surprise for me because I had not been expecting it. Both are relative beginners.

Early October, I asked them what they had done the week before. They mentioned several activities out of which we selected three to explore and develop:  

  • I watched TV
  • We went for a walk in the forest near Baden-Baden
  • I rode my motorbike.

    Using key words and questions words, we developed the answers and formed them into the text below. My thanks to them for allowing me to share their successful progress. They are now preparing to share their Canadian trip which should be ready to share in a few weeks’ time.

What did you do on Sunday?

I watched American Football on TV. It was the game Houston vs. Cincinnati. I watched the game alone at home from 8.15pm to 10.30pm. I love American Football because there is a lot of action. I like the New England Patriots because they have a fantastic quarterback, Tom Brady.

We went for a walk in the Black Forest, near Baden-Baden.

We walked from Baden-Baden Castle to Baden-Baden Castle. It was a circular path. We walked on Sunday afternoon. I walked with my husband / wife / we walked together. I love the Black Forest because of the nature. The Black Forest is in the south-west of Germany, near France. The Black Forest is a nature reserve; In the north is the town of Baden-Baden and in the south is the town of Freiburg.

The Black Forest is about 175 km long. There are mountains, pine forests and many beautiful towns and villages.

Baden-Baden is a beautiful town near the French border. It has 50.000 inhabitants, many old buildings and a casino. There are expensive shops. Many retired people live in Baden-Baden. It is a spa resort town with hot springs.

I rode my motorbike.

Last Monday afternoon I rode my motorbike in the Black Forest. I rode alone. I have a BMW 1250cc which I like riding in the Black Forest. I rode from home, in France, to Bad Peterstal in Germany. I left at 1 pm and got to Bad Peterstal at about 4 pm. I took the scenic route. It is about 100 km away. I stayed for about 30 minutes in the Restaurant Renchtalhütte, which I recommend. I had some coffee and pastries. I got home at 7pm.

The weather was sunny and a little bit cloudy. The traffic was light.

My favourite routes in the Black Forest are the small roads with many curves and beautiful scenery. I don’t have a special route.

I like the BMW because is is lighter than a Harley and it is manageable. It is good in curves and is a fantastic motorbike which is comfortable to ride.

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