Text read by Mary Peters

Today I went on a very nice hike that I want to describe to you. Between Lorraine and Alsace, on the ridges of the Northern Vosges, this hike offers views of the Lorraine plateau and the Alsace plains. I recommend it to you!

The starting point is near La Hoube. If you come from Dabo, cross La Hoube and drive another 1.5 km. Stop at the car park in front of the electricity pylon (be careful: it is located before the Valsberg Pass).

Follow the path marked with a blue rectangle and a blue disc. After 5oo meters, take the path at the right (blue disc). You pass near the Table of Giants: make the small detour to see it!  It looks like a big dolmen.

Continue to the Geissfelswasen shelter, built by the Club Vosgien of Marmoutier, nestled under a magnificent and immense cypress. There, follow the pass marked by the blue rectangle to Geissfels (altitude: 596 m). The climb is very steep, but not very long. Courage! It is worth the effort because up there, you will enjoy a panoramic view: on one side, stands the legendary and majestic Rocher du Dabo, with its chapel. On the other side of the Alsace plain extends. A bench will invite you to rest or even to have a picnic.

Then follow the ridge path for around 500 m, then go down on the path. You arrive near the Maison Forestière du Haberacker, a peaceful place with its meadow where horses graze. The elderflowers were in bloom today rubbing shoulders with cherry trees bending under the weight of very red cherries.

The path marked with the blue rectangle will then lead you to the ruins of the Ochsenstein Castle (altitude: 549 m). Don’t forget to climb the metal steps which will take you up to the top. And there again, a beautiful view as a reward!

Now it’s time to go back. Return to the Maison Forestière, then turn right onto the path marked with the red rectangle path to the Geissfelswasen shelter. Then the blue rectangle will bring you back to your car in the car park.

You will have walked for four and a half hours, over a distance of 11km, with a positive elevation of 360m. In warm weather, the hike is ideal, because almost all the time in the forest. The paths, lined with pine trees, are very pleasant!

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